Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My daily make-up routine...

Hey guys, how are you?

Ok, today I thought I'd share what my normal make-up routine is. Of course there won't be pictures though, I'm not really confident about that!

First of all I use Simple products on my face to just moisturise and remove blemishes. I have found that they are some of the best spot-removing products, even a simple moisturiser cream will do! I do also like using the face wipes as a quick way to remove some of the spots. Or, if I have time, I will occasionally give my face a full scrub and let that sink in, we all have our preferences!

So next I use a little lipstick-style concealer in the colour fair, as I have really pale skin. I just use it under my eyes and on my horrible red spots. However, the Simple products sort them out pretty well on their own! I have found that using a finger to blend under the eyes work better than a brush, but maybe that's just me. I do use a brush on my spots though, as I think it gives better coverage. I couldn't find the one that I bought, but any is good.

I then use a nice, natural two tone eyeshadow in the Natural Collection make, which you can buy in Boots for a really cheap price; all of their stuff in £1.99! I, personally, have the mink/sable one. I use the light one first, using one of the general eyeshadow brush pad things. I spread that one all over the eyelid, up to my eyebrow. Next I use a brush and spread the darker shade over the eyelid.

I use a L'oreal Paris eyeliner pen in the colour black to then line the top eyelid. I always use a thin, sharp line, as I think it looks more natural. I do like the pen, as I really struggle with using a pencil, but I love the pen! I just think that it's so much easier to use and apply, but you do get a good look with it.
Finally, I apply some Natural Collection high moisture lipstick in the colour Coral Shimmer. I really like this lipstick as it does what it says on the label! It adds moisture to my dry lips and also has a nice shimmer to it in the light, so an amazing product! 

Overall, the look comes out as pretty and natural and very sweet as well. Just good for general day-to-day make-up routine.

Hope you guys enjoyed my little tips!

Tillywithwings X


And sorry for any bad quality ones! :)

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Breton tops and why I love them

Hey Guys,
Now I have recently been given a possession that I think will be extremely important in the future.....

A breton top.

Now, if you're thinking, I have no idea what this is, where I can buy one and why it is important, well be patient because I might just answer those questions in a future sentence.

Here is a picture of one:
They can be long sleeved or mid sleeved, thick stripes or thin, black, blue or red striped: IT DOESN'T MATTER.

I, personally, own a thick striped one, with mid-length sleeves and navy-blue stripes.

Now there are many ways to wear one.

Today I have teamed mine with black jeans, biker boots and a bow scarf. It looked pretty cool actually.

But that's just more of a 'tomboy' type look. There are THOUSANDS of others as well.

A more 'girly' look could be with blue jeans, pumps and a cute floral scarf.

Or you could wear it with a leather skirt, blazer and brogues.

Tomorrow I might team it with a tartan skirt, blazer and the biker boots.

What I'm saying is that it is an unbelievably cheap item that you can wear with ANYTHING.....

And it will work.

For more ideas on how to wear this amazing creation, there are many ideas on this website called Pinterest which has a million different sections.

Here is one of my favourite boards: www.pinterest.com/fashionfoiegras/how-to-wear-breton-stripes/?utm_campaign=022815_UK_editorial_SpringStripe&utm_term=1&utm_content=195132665043729784&utm_source=31&e_t_s=boards&utm_medium=2002

And if you're interested, here's my pinterest board filled with loads of wild and wacky things that I just adore: www.pinterest.com/tillygrist2000/these-are-a-few-of-my-favourite-things/

So there you go.

You can buy them from about ANY clothes shop, but mine is from New Look.

I just think that this will be a HUGE fashion item in the future- so why not start now?


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Winter to Spring

Most people hate that moment between Christmas and Springtime. There is usually nothing EXCITING happening! I love it however, because I can then relax and do school-work without hassle. I especially love the clothes you can wear too. My outfit today was a cosy grey jumper, black jeans and black calf-length boots. Nice. I love winter clothes 'cause you can be comfy and cosy. I also got a new candle for Christmas and lit it today. I love the after winter winter smell.

Just saying that 'just because there's nothing going on, doesn't mean it's boring.'

OK, some things are boring. There are tests coming up and school work in general makes your head hurt.

You just think: WHY DO I BOTHER?

Well the thing is, we ALL go through that stage in life when we feel like giving up on everything.

But I can promise you guys, it'll be worth it in the end.

The thing that you CAN do is take a deep breath and just think about it.

Let me know below, what you think about that FREEZING winter/spring area and what you think about this.


Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year's Resolutions...

Well the new year is underway now and it's time to do every person's worst nightmare: Think of some resolutions. For me, this has to be the hardest part of the year. I have an idea though.

Think of three things you REALLY want to achieve and make them your resolutions.

My example:

1. Grow my nails

2. Keep my room clean (enough)

3. I don't know

Nobody really knows what the third one will be.

Anyway, this hasn't really helped me.....

Can I please have some tips on creating resolutions?

Tillywithwings X