Thursday, 29 January 2015

Winter to Spring

Most people hate that moment between Christmas and Springtime. There is usually nothing EXCITING happening! I love it however, because I can then relax and do school-work without hassle. I especially love the clothes you can wear too. My outfit today was a cosy grey jumper, black jeans and black calf-length boots. Nice. I love winter clothes 'cause you can be comfy and cosy. I also got a new candle for Christmas and lit it today. I love the after winter winter smell.

Just saying that 'just because there's nothing going on, doesn't mean it's boring.'

OK, some things are boring. There are tests coming up and school work in general makes your head hurt.

You just think: WHY DO I BOTHER?

Well the thing is, we ALL go through that stage in life when we feel like giving up on everything.

But I can promise you guys, it'll be worth it in the end.

The thing that you CAN do is take a deep breath and just think about it.

Let me know below, what you think about that FREEZING winter/spring area and what you think about this.


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